Un terrain d’entente

We help organisations and communities to build enduring relationships and to realise mutually beneficial projects. To this end, we work to:

  • Build the capacity of organisations to establish dialogue and collaborate with their stakeholders
  • Engage communities by emphasizing rigorous, transparent and inclusive information and consultation processes
  • Build consensus by acting as a neutral third party in complex decision-making processes involving multiple stakeholders

We aim for the highest standards of quality and ethics in our profession and contribute to the promotion of best practices in our field.

Recent update

[Update 2012-11-21]

See Acertys study on business practices of organizations as they relate to community relations

On October 29th 2010, Acertys released the results of a study of 21 industrial sector organizations in Quebec particularly impacted by the communities that surround them. Conducted in conjunction with HEC Montréal and the Conseil patronal de l’environnement du Québec (CPEQ), the study outlines the business practices of these organizations as they relate to local communities, within the context of growing pressure from the latter. The study also provides organizations with practical courses of action allowing them to benefit from more productive relationships with neighbouring communities. Download the complete study (available in French only) in PDF format.

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